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New Modifikasi Honda icon Thai motorcycles 2009 pics ~ Harga Motor|Gambar Modifikasi Motor Yamaha Vixion 2010 Honda CBR 150 CC Yamaha Jupiter MX 2010 Beat

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New Modifikasi Honda icon Thai motorcycles 2009 pics

New Modifikasi Honda icon Thai motorcycles 2009
New Modifikasi Honda icon Thai motorcycles 2009

It is now several months afterwards AP-Honda launched its Honda Icon scooter, with as capital ambition bazaar the Thai boyish population.A bunched 4-stroke, 2-valve SOHC 108cc air-cooled engine, admiral the Honda Icon. The butt displacement is body up by a 50mm bore and 55mm stroke, which accomplish a 9.5:1 compression arrangement The air-cooling is based on affected air-cooling in which air is affected by a cooling fan to air-conditioned altered genitalia of the engine, which makes the Honda Icon chargeless from agent overheating.

Transmission for the Honda Icon is V-Matic belt-drive, with a accessory arrangement of 2.68 - 0.85, the belt manual arrangement delivers the ability to the rear caster able and produces beneath complete for adequate and airy driving.

The Honda Icon comes in 3 flavors, which accept mainly alone corrective differences to another. The flavors are 'Icon Be Cute', 'Icon Be Sport' and the 'Icon Be Cyber'.

Honda is application absolute and apparent assurance appearance for the Honda Icon, including Combi-Brake technology, which distributes counterbalanced braking power, to the advanced and rear wheels. The Honda Icon brakes accept additionally Parking-Brake, which assignment agnate as a car's duke anchor and prevents the Honda Icon from moving, alike if the motorcycle is anchored on a slope. Addition accessible assurance approaching is that the Honda Icon will automated about-face off the agent back the side-stand is lowered, this can anticipate hazards moments by apathy to cull up the side-stand afore active away.

For active the Honda Icon is not the fastest 110cc motorcycle, but with the actual counterbalanced abeyance the active affection is acutely good. The scope advanced forks and mono-shock rear beat arm, and a 1240mm caster abject are accouterment the Honda Icon with alley and cornering behavior that abounding beyond and stronger motorcycles can alone dream of.