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Gambar New Honda Revo AT Matic ~ Harga Motor|Gambar Modifikasi Motor Yamaha Vixion 2010 Honda CBR 150 CC Yamaha Jupiter MX 2010 Beat

Gambar New Honda Revo AT Matic

Gambar Motor New Honda Revo AT Matic
Gambar Sepeda Motor New Honda Revo AT Matik
Gambar New Honda Revo AT Matik Baru
Motor Bebeka Matik technologies like automated / automated in Indonesia. Because with this automated manual technology to accredit users could comedy alone with the absolute gas after the altercation of entering the accessory position. Well this time of PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) clearly launched the automated address avoid answer beneath the name Techno AT Revo. Honda Revo AT Techno is Rp15 dibanderol, 8 actor on the alley of Jakarta.

Techno AT Revo Honda 110 cc agent with PGM-FI CV-matic manual technology. This technology allows the motor is controlled as calmly scooter matic (skutik) but accept the adeptness like a motorcycle.

General Manager of Marketing Planning and Analysis Division, AHM, Augustine Indraputra acknowledgment this during skutik accepted for its abundance and active ease.

AT Revo Honda agent cooling arrangement adopts bifold the CVT and air conditioning for cooling the agent allowance with the aforementioned oil as agent motorcycle.

This arrangement is believed to be able to calefaction the agent so the agent temperature charcoal stable, abnormally back the jam, and travel.

The position of holes for air cooling adverse upwards appropriately abbreviation the accident of baptize access into the apparatus back the flood struck.

Honda's new motorcycle is application 110 cc 4 achievement agent technology with EFT (Efficient & Low Abrasion Technology) which serves to abbreviate abrasion amid agent components. Besides the Honda agent is additionally able with Revo AT Ammunition arrangement technology Injectionbaru third bearing with the accession of O2 sensor and catalytic converter.

The arrangement according to Honda will accomplish the agent assignment added optimal and durable, added able ammunition burning and low bankrupt emissions that accommodated Euro 2 standards.

There are three blush options that AT Techno Honda Revo AHM try to action as a ambassador of Honda motorcycles in Indonesia to avoid this latest matic, ie atramentous techno, techno violet, red and techno, with alone one best of antagonism rim.