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2011 Latest Peugeot 3008 Hybrid 4 in Paris ~ Harga Motor|Gambar Modifikasi Motor Yamaha Vixion 2010 Honda CBR 150 CC Yamaha Jupiter MX 2010 Beat

2011 Latest Peugeot 3008 Hybrid 4 in Paris

2011 Latest Peugeot 3008 Hybrid 4 Pictures
2011 Latest Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4 Dash Photos
2011 Latest Peugeot 3008 Hybrid 4 in Paris
2011 Latest Peugeot 3008 Hybrid 4 Logo Pics
Peugeot seemed to accept anticipation the exact aforementioned thing. Aboriginal in abstraction anatomy as the Prologue HYmotion4, and now assuredly in production.

The 3008 Hybrid4 has a accumulated ability achievement of 200hp and an amazing 500Nm of torque. Ability sources are a 163hp, 2.0 litre HDi FAP agent agent powering the advanced wheels, while a 37hp electric motor drives the rear axle. This makes it a four caster drive vehicle. Performance is decen, with a 0-100 amount in 8.8 abnormal and a top acceleration of 209km/h.

Adding to its ammunition ability technology is the additional bearing Stop and Alpha arrangement affiliated to the electronically controlled chiral six-speed consecutive gearbox. A 7 inch LCD awning displays the operating cachet of the amalgam powertrain in absolute time.

Along with that, an activity accretion arrangement harnesses the active activity that is created through slowing bottomward and sends it to the Ni-MH (Nickel Metal Hydride) battery. This is stored beneath the cossack attic abutting to the electric motor. Conversion to a diesel-electric amalgam has added about 120kg to the 3008.

Getting the best from the crossover will be the use of 4 active modes. The ZEV (Zero Discharge Vehicle) approach runs on authentic electricity, acceptable for things like accepting out of a car park, while the 4WD approach uses both engines to accomplish calm as far as possible. The Auto approach is optimized to accomplish the best about-face amid the agent and electric agent to aerate economy. Sport approach on the added hand, gives you all 200 horses from both engines with quicker accessory changes at college speeds.

The exoteric will affection LED daytime active ablaze bars, a SUV-like ample advanced grille, chrome accents, and 17 inch Oltis admixture auto forth with the atramentous and chrome careful trims on the lower sections. This is additionally the aboriginal 3008 to accept the company’s new badge.

The autogenous is appealing abundant accepted 3008 book with a few differences such as the Hybrid4 adumbration on the accessory batten and the the 7 inch colour display.

The company’s Multiflex autogenous provides allowance for the batteries and additionally offers a amount accommodation of 420 litres with 66 litres beneath the cossack floor. This can be continued to 1501 litres with the additional row seats bankrupt up.

Thanks to the amalgam powertrain, the Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4 alone sips 3.8 litres of ammunition for every 100km traveled, and has a CO2 discharge amount of aloof 99g/km. Peugeot plan to stick this powertrain in added models and the abutting would be the 508 models out abutting year. European sales of the car will alpha in the additional division of abutting year.f