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New Honda Spacy 110 cc "Helm in"

State of Indonesia angry out to be the aboriginal country area the bearing Honda spacy Helm In. Although fabricated ​​for all-around markets, the motor is alone produced in two countries, namely Indonesia and China. Bamboo Curtain country had not yet launched.
Motor New Honda Spacy 110 cc "Helm in"
This is a all-around archetypal developed in Indonesia and China. Production amid the two countries agitated out in about the aforementioned time. For added Asian countries will chase us to aftermath this model.
Honda spacy Helm has the advantage of admeasurement In accoutrements that could board a full-face helmet because it has a absolute accommodation of up to 18 liters. For color, Honda accord 5 colors namely white imperial, aristocratic blue, red Majestic, bequest blooming and atramentous emperor.
The development of this bike we did about 2 years to see the action of the country who entered.