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2010 Hummer Limo Luxury Preview and Pictures concept ~ Harga Motor|Gambar Modifikasi Motor Yamaha Vixion 2010 Honda CBR 150 CC Yamaha Jupiter MX 2010 Beat

2010 Hummer Limo Luxury Preview and Pictures concept

2010 Hummer Limo Luxury picsBlack 2010 Hummer Limo Luxury picture
2010 Hummer Limo Luxury picture2010 Hummer Limo Luxury wallpaper
2010 Hummer Limo Luxury interior design2010 Hummer Limo Luxury interior
Number of the Hummer can run wild with the finger in Jakarta. From H2 to H3 type also exist. But, for the model limousine as you see that is identical with the lifestyle of Hollywood celebrities. Helmsman's position with the same exact standard H2. Only, because the dimensions are molor, braking systems use a perforated disc that combined with high performance brake canvas. Including the ability to power steering is also improved and ban the use of all Terrain SUV is capable of sustaining weight (now) is approaching 3 tons.
In 2010 Hummer Limo Luxury is very wonderful. Because this is Hollywood's car for entertainment world .
But, not that which is the excess of this limousine. Selling value lies in the interior behind the driver that is designed specifically for entertaiment. Equipped with a bar made the cabin look of luxurious design combined seat model "L". If you are selected, driving or sitting in the sweet space car entertaiment, so the last option. But, the lucky one can mengemudikannya, although in the short distance.