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Gambar Modifikasi Suzuki Bandit, 1250 S - 1.255 cc with sexy spg ~ Harga Motor|Gambar Modifikasi Motor Yamaha Vixion 2010 Honda CBR 150 CC Yamaha Jupiter MX 2010 Beat

Gambar Modifikasi Suzuki Bandit, 1250 S - 1.255 cc with sexy spg

suzuki bandit 1.255 ccGambar suzuki bandit 1.255 cc from
Gambar Modifikasi Suzuki Bandit 1250 SGambar Ban belakang suzuki bandit 1.255 cc
Gambar Modifikasi Suzuki Bandit, GSF 400Gambar Modifikasi Suzuki Bandit, 1250 S 1.255 cc with sexy spg
Motor suzuki bandit 1.255 cc engine is DOHC 16 valve liquid cooled, 6 speed exactly GSXR 400, of course, very responsive and supported by the slingshot carburettor, carburettor type of vacuum cleaner that is a very responsive and efficient in comparison fuel - air. Power 11500 rpm 53 HP (55HP for bandit V) and torsi 3.9 Kgm (4.7 Kgm @ 9500 rpm at Bandit V) at 10,500 rpm is suitable for a wide street and challenging the long-distance touring, but less suitable for road the dense urban streets berliku.Konsumsi material and fuel for their own bandit in 1:28 range. For market prices in Indonesia 19 - 25 million. Weight: 168 Kg
Suzuki Bandit was created to complement its own product range sport touring Suzuki rider and the desire for sport touring motorcycles naked thick of sport performance and compete for presence Ducati Monster. Bandit has some engine variants, namely 250, 400, 600 / 650 (from 2000), 1100/1200cc/ suzuki bandit 1.255 cc. For the 250cc and 400 cc variants have more that is 250V and 400V, the technology mengusung variable exhaust timing, starting in 1991. For versions up to 400CC already have technology as a standard page.
For a while will be discussed here is a version of the 400CC is a version circulating in Indonesia. Suzuki will also have the actual type of derivative of the engine GSXR 400 GSX 400 Inazuma (or Thunder) and Katana GSX 400R. Bandit is a substitute for Katana 400, because the variants are less page. To own Thunder still produced until now, but have been replaced 400CC version 600cc. Pembeda Bandit 400 Suzuki 2 products from the above is:
bandit liquid cooled engines or berpendingin water (radiator) while the engine & Thunder Katana berpendingin oil or oil cooled.
Carburettor Bandit slingshot use technology such as the GSXR 400 and Thunder Katana sedangaka not use it.
Suspensi Bandit & Katana is Monoshock at the rear, while the dual shock mengusung Thunder Thunder is so pure touring bike.
And there are still some differences such as the degree of ignition Bandit GSXR more similar to than the Thunder, rudder angle, etc.. That does not appear too explicitly.